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3D Printing is the Future

Have you ever tried this? You can make anything, cheaply or as upscale as you would like but you can make your own unique items. I recently went to a wedding where tohe groom made his own ring even! He made it through through Shapeways. It turned out awesome:

You can make arms and leg prosthetics, go to your local library and use a community 3D printer and make a broken piece of your  glasses new again. My little sister is about to graduate from industrial design at Pratt and she make all kinds of wacky cool stuff. You can make hearing implants, dental pieces, and a pediatrician in MI even had a 3D-printed implant designed to change shape over time to allow for a child’s growth then resorbing for newborns born with tracheobronchomalacia. So it saves lives.

via Shapeways

via Shapeways a fully functioning dress!

Anyway I noticed 3D printers being used in the fashion world too from accessories on Project Runway, to a fully functioning dress, designed by Nervous System Studios and created by shapeways as well. I’m excited about all of the applications for this technology check out the additive manufacturing process and the stunning results it can create. If your a creative its easy to upload and even easier to get a good price quote on your own cute stuff. i would love to see what you have made!!

A great ted talk on the 3D printing phenom:

i love to listen to these while I’m drawing!


Back from on the road

I just returned,literally right his second from an epic road trip that has made me question almost everything. I’m kinda thinking Selena Gomez in spring readers when she tells her grandma they really found themselves hahahah if u haven’t seen that movie (James Franco as a riff raft type dude!) you must it’s a Magnus opus to feminism. Anyway I don’t know what I’m going to do about this shift, I may not be returning to this space for a while, I need to do something a little bit different right now. Also I just turned 29 maybe my seam in my frontal lobe has fully fused u guys hav a beautiful rest of summer!



China and Kurt

This is a really beautiful exhibit.learned about anna Mae Wong one of the first famous American Chinese actresses who wasn’t allowed a so called “inter-racial” kiss on screen with a a white man. All her dresses from her best films are on display. Also a really cool juxtaposition between ancient artifacts and the fashion they inspired. Saw monks there viewing the xhibit, dressed in orange robes.
No idea how to transition …. the new Kurt Cobain doc on HBO (Montage of heck) is really really poignant it us i)u strayed and very much a personal look into his life. But it leaves you feeling a bit lost.
Summer is weird that way for me I always feel very wistful or ephemeral like I’m missing some great adventure. I know it’s a relic of a feeling from childhood. But Lana del Rey taps that attitude for me in summertime sadness.
Also I really need to go on my annual vacation. It’s really what makes life worth living, getting a new perspective outside of NYC…going on the road where the apple pie is sweeter and the ice cream richer…all I remember from on the road u all happy happy summertime.

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A Day at the MOMA



Henri Rousseau (French, 1844–1910) The Dream Date: 1910 Medium: Oil on canvas

I love the moma it’s really expensive though, $25 for an adult – the best way to go is on target free Fridays from 4-8 get there at 3 on Friday and get in a line  that wraps around the whole block – wait for an hour, free is supreme. Anyway husb and I saw the Bjork and Yoko Ono. Both were a letdown I’m afraid, sorry not sorry hahahah. No I mean I liked the shadow undressing in a bag performance art piece from Ono, but not anything from Bork or the architecture in Latin America exhibit. I have visited the moma so often sothe permanent  collections felt a bit bit there done that but then I saw they had some Klimt and Schiele and I was super happy.


Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862–1918) The Park Date: 1910 or earlier Medium: Oil on canvas

wpid-cam01085.jpgAbove are Klimt’s flowers and the flowers in the sculpture garden of the museum, a really serene place. Also those feet above are mine before a reflective black pool in the garden, it all marble and statues and little pockets of nature.


A very reflective portion of the museum. NYC has excellent art to see but all these institutions are very distant from each other. The MOMA is perfect if your stuck in the midtown area like we were, in Europe you can visit more than one art museum in one day so easily, in the museum section of the city. Don’t know what my point is here hhahaha.


Van Gogh’s Starry night is by far the most popular item at the MOMA, even with all the other exhibits they have people want this iconic familiar piece. Its so moving, in a literal sense and emotion. I love seeing it too, it makes me wonder and feel joy. Modern art in the sense of created this century- is not always arresting to me, if you ever watch one of my favorite documentaries – My Kid Could Paint That you wil see exactly what my reaction is to a lot of modern stuff, even though I am in the bizzzz so to speak.


Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862–1918) Hope, II Date: 1907-08 Medium: Oil, gold, and platinum on canvas

Do you see the skull on the top left? I love morbid touches on beautiful things. Up close this painting is very painterly and soft. I quite loved it, also its pure 24 karat gold paint too. The swirls are done with a pretty thick brush like a size five at least which surprised me,looks so finely detailed when condensed in a photo. I love all the blue vein clouds in the skin, it enhances the blush and peach skin tones.

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Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

via pink peonies

via pink peonies



via pink peonies

Marie Kondo has had an epic year. She was featured in new york times and a billion other news places, gave a ted talk and sold over two million copies of her book the life changing magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. A book which I bought and is now changing my life and the way I live it. I’m not quite done yet and I have NOT began the method yet. But I designed this free printable:
spring cleaning checklist-01
Should be high res enough to print one or two up on letter sized paper. What I have learned is its not about always cleaning or putting away its about you and what you want in your life. Do you struggle to find things you need? Do you feel stressed, have bad skin need to lose weight? Your environment and your feeling, your thoughts and thinking process all have to do with your dwelling. Here are seven of her tips (from NYT)…
1. Throw away anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” “’Don’t just open up your closet and decide after a cursory glance that everything in it gives you a thrill…You must take each outfit in your hand.’ “

2. Skip the Container Store. “Do not buy organizing equipment—your home already has all the storage you need.”

3. Fold your clothes like sushi. “Fold everything into a long rectangle, then fold that in upon itself to make a smaller rectangle, and then roll that up into a tube, like a sushi roll. Set these upright in your drawers.”

4. Hang clothes in rainbow order. “Hang up anything that looks happier hung up, and arrange like with like, working from left to right, with dark, heavy clothing on the left…’Organizing them by category helps them feel more comfortable and secure.’ “

5. Thank your clothes. “Thank your stuff, it’s been working hard for you.”

6. Let your socks rest. “Socks bust their chops for you, and if you ball them up, they don’t get a chance to rest…’The socks and stockings stored in your drawer are essentially on holiday.’ ”

7. Get rid of papers. “’There is nothing more annoying than papers…After all, they will never spark joy, no matter how carefully you keep them.’


image via the kitchn

I found out about her from the Daily Connoisseur whose books and blog I also love to death. This year will be the year of organizing and TIDYING. Someday I really want to have an office space like Pink Peonies as well. I love her unapologetic-ally girly style. Maybe that’s the lifestyle I am really seeking – that and peace in my heart. To feel happy and comfortable in my own skin and to someday start waking up at the same time and always having breakfast in an un-hurried calm way and a beautiful three course dinner as well. With a fully stocked closet (c/o of course!) and a studio of my own.Also a billion sales in my etsy store!! And a mansion!! I may start selling direct download files on my etsy store all organizationally themed. Because I LOVE lists. I feel that most people do. Would you buy my instant downloads? This will be the start of my entrepreneurial undertaking while I organize my things, my life, I will get going on the other bigger dreams of mine. What are your plans this summer? Will you begin spring cleaning? An awful lot of youtubers have documented using the KonMari method ( thats Marie Kondo’s method based on her name) in their homes. Its very inspiring to see how others put this art into practice. She even details how to clean your purse out. I have a long way to go with this, but I have been having a longing in my heart to have everything we own  live in its place that it belongs. To be a goddess of inner light and peace. To not let my ego hurt my thoughts, and let others who spew poison (however unintentionally) to not take that poison personally. Thats also a fantastic video the Daily Connoisseur does – Don’t Take Anything Personally. Seriously watch it, its very close to my heart now.

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Igor Gnedo Art Exhibit in Kaliningrad


I love seeing illustration that is bold, full of life and old world feeling. Add in fresh colors,serious graphic shapes, intense feeling and you get Igor Gnedo (pronounced eegor gen need do). He is a colleague and fellow FIT illustration alumn. He and his awesome accent can be found in NYC where he lives and works with the design/illustration glitterati. But he is all Russian, specifically from Kaliningrad which has gorgeous German gothic revival architecture, is on the Baltic Sea, is 750 years old and I’m assuming has delicious russian food. Someday I want to go and see this gorgeous place especially this gate:


The King’s Gate was originally the Gumbinnen Gate (German: Gumbinner Tor), built in 1765 at the edge of the district Neue Sorge. In 1811 it was renamed the King’s Gate and was the terminus of the Königstraße boulevard. The gate was redesigned by Friedrich August Stüler in 1850. The west facade has three sandstone statues, made by sculptor Wilhelm Stürmer: nine metres above the ground to the left the Bohemian king Ottokar II is depicted, who was Königsberg’s namesake. Frederick I of Prussia, Prussia’s first king, follows as the middle statue. To the right Albert, Prussia’s first duke and founder of the Albertina university, holds an eye over the city. Above the sculptures the coat of arms of Samland and Natangen are shown.

When I viewed the art for this show – his first solo exhibit – I saw the charm and magic of Gnedo’s hometown shining through. If your xin the area check it out the Exhibition is at the art space “Ворота” (The Gates) from May 14th to 16th and here are more details here in Russian hahahaha and snag a limited edition piece.

Self-Portrait_670 11072812_10152970613784531_3331682092072116895_n Mom_633

In his work I see Kandinsky color influence, Egon Schiele line work along with mid-century effervescent expression.

Wassily KandinskyMurnau with rainbow 1909

Wassily Kandinsky Murnau with rainbow 1909

Mid-Century inspired artist Toby Neighbors

Mid-Century inspired artist Toby Neighbors

Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Also I love to see art that reminds me of my motherland (fatherland?) Europe (yup i own it all mineee haha) Comment below on what you think! Who are your favorite artsy Russians? I love Chagall, Nabokov and Tchaikovsky.

For more info check out his: portfolio and instagram

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Sketch night @ Society of Illustrators NYC


Last week I went to a specialty fashion sketch night at the society. Its $20 and from 6:30 – 9. Its really chill and there is free dumplings and the wine is $8 a glass. We all got wine. I went with 6 people lol. but we got there at 6:30 on the dot and all the best seats were taken. Up close would have been preferable.

This model was so pretty she literally had a 12 inch waist. I love drawing from life, but it is difficult to find a model with a perfect figure, face, styling, makeup and the ability to pose for a drawing not for the camera.


Yaeko sat by me shes so talented she was recently featured in a fashion illustration book as an up and comming fashion illustrator.


Really blurry pic of Harry potter painting for the movie poster…was it Drew Struzan? Loved that doc about him on netflix. Should look that up HAHAHAH.


Elvis and James (super talented coworkers and  friends) who brought real inks and watercolors, you can bring any supplies you want there. Also don’t be nervous if you havent been there and are worried about attending for the first time, no one talks to you or looks at your work, everyone is pretty relaxed and introverted as all illustrators are.wpid-cam00879.jpg wpid-cam00880.jpg

Some of my sketches, the wine made this a very fun and relaxing way to spend a thursday night in NYC.wpid-cam00882.jpg wpid-cam00891.jpg wpid-cam00892.jpgHere is the models pose and Yaeko’s sketch on left and mine on right. Its so interesting to see two artists interpretation of the same pose. Its also to be best friends forever and have the nerdiest night of friendship ever.


Yes thats a selfie while the rest of the place was drawing. Come to the Society of Illustrators for sketch night!